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Conscious Shopping in RVA

How many things in your life are you juggling? Do you ever feel that you can’t take on another thing? I greet this feeling almost everyday - entangled rapid emotions, burdening time, yearning to do more and feeling like I’ve found my way only to get lost again. I immediately felt a sense of grounding when I put on the bar of goodness necklace from Link of Hearts. 

I run around with my two little daughters all day; enjoying their silliness; amazed by their absorption of life; surprised by what they give back; and cautious of them following my lead. Worried that all this running around may damage the necklace, I put it on; I take it off; I put it on; I take it off - all day long. Still, I always know where I leave it.

Every piece of Link of Hearts jewelry provides a message of hope and gives voice to those struggling alone in silence. With every purchase, Link of Hearts gives one piece of jewelry engraved with an inspirational word such as HOPE, TRUST, LOVE, BELIEVE to someone battling depression or anyone in need of hope. The weight of my necklace evoked the words imprinted upon it’s brass bar: inspire. love. dream. embrace.

Perhaps it’s the connection that I feel with the weight of the bar against my skin. Or, it’s the words that move me beyond everything I’ve physically encountered that day and motivate me to keep moving forward. I know you’ll understand what I mean when you put this necklace on yourself.

Inspired, I reached out to Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss, founder of Link of Hearts, who is rising from the ashes of her own story, with a few questions.

Did you design your products?  

Yes, I did and still do.  The most important thing to me was to keep it simple and have inspirational words as a part of the design. I just experimented and explored materials and the designs just came to me. I am by no means a jewelry designer, I am driven by my passion for the cause and I’ve learned what I needed to make it a reality. (She makes the jewelry herself!)

You talk a lot about the LOH jewelry, what about the candles?  

Where are they made, how did you come up with the scents? Aromatherapy was a tool for me during my own journey with mental illness. The scents were created by my own sense of smell and emotion.  Every product I have launched has been personally inspired by my own life experiences. (She also makes the candles!)

Do you still feel like a Pheonix, (read her story!) or have you risen for the last time?

I’ve never been happier in my life than I am now, but it’s an ongoing process.  From one phase to another, the ups and downs always keep coming and you get burned down, but you pick yourself up and keep going. Rise, Fall, Rise, Fall, it’s the process and I have faith and trust that everything will fall into place in it’s own time.

We invite you to check out our Link of Hearts collection. Try a piece on. Connect with the cause. Be a voice. And touch a heart <3 

Words By: Rupa Singh

Link of Hearts <3

August 05, 2015


Excited to announce that @linkofhearts #necklaces and #bracelets will soon be available via and our #Airstream Shop!!! #Repost #fashionforgood #designforgood

Link of Hearts <3

Just moved. New city. Old city. You want to be involved. You have no idea where to start. Couch looks good, let’s start with couch. Ohhh Netflix.

This may be a stretch for some or it might be all too, look of shame, familiar. It became a little too close to home after my husband and I moved to RVA from DC. It wasn’t a major geographical change but it was an overhaul on friends, community, and neighborhood outreach. How can I illicit change when I have no idea where the neighborhood market is? Queue Hey! What’s Good In? (HWGI?) and insert community outreach at your fingertips.

What is HWGI? you ask?  I had the privilege of talking with RVA grown, HWGI? founder Marc O’Brien.  He talked about “paralysis analysis” where you are inundated with the mass amount of web pages/blogs, all suggesting or discussing ways to get involved. He found a way to “aggravate links into several categories” where the user (me, you, local activist with a ready-made banner and witty pun) choose and search areas of personal interest. More simply, a webpage that eliminates excuses for not getting involved.  Links are lined up and you can click your way to community engagement. Find something that interests you and get up offa that thang and get involved ‘til you feel better. (Did I just age myself? Too much? )

Why Uber when you can call bioRide? They go around RVA scooping up all the used cooking oils from various restaurants and use it to make cleaner burning fuel, cleaner than regular gasoline. Who knew?  Interested in climbing off the government’s politically inspired food pyramid? Check out Guerilla-Wellness and get inspired to eat well so you can feel well! Want to put in some hours giving back to your community? Join Enrichmond to clean up our parks or plant a tree! Have a skillset? Use this site to find your niche and get involved!  This is just a taste of what HWGI? is all about. Good ol’ RVA is one of several cities that are on here and our very own Amber Lantz, co-founder of Love This, is an HWGI? City Ambassador! Check out HWGI? RVA’s Facebook page here

A little tip of the hat in Marc’s direction, he is challenging our standard approach on how we think about community involvement. Social community, local community, cyber community. There are so many places for you to find your voice. Marc’s impact has been a wide net for creative change. 

With all of these good ideas, startups, NGOs and non-profits floating around, I asked Marc why he chose a graphic design outlet versus any other. He said he works in the “design for greater good” field, alternatively design for social change.  He embraced his youth of punk rock that screams for you to get out there and “do it yourself” by making ‘design his stage’.  His passion is helping people understand how to use their creative talent to live more meaningful lives and contribute back into their community. He wants to “encourage everyone around me to get excited about the skills and talents they have.”  Take it one step further by expanding and sharpening that skill and “start to give a sh** about the world you live in.  If there is a gap or a hole, there is no excuse not to fill it”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Words by Katie Skiff | Photo Credit: Half United

Hey! What’s Good In?

Endless Summer

August 04, 2015


#endlesssmer #funinthesun #sun #surf #summer #sunkissed

Endless Summer

Love This Life

July 06, 2015


Love This Life. Let’s reflect for a moment on the name, Love This…. a pithy, playful combination of Love and This. Two words that pepper themselves somewhat casually throughout our daily lives. But put them together and a statement is made, a statement grounding us in the very present, the very moment, the very thing, feeling, situation, that you LOVE right then and there. Whatever it is is made for the moment - bumping into a friend unexpectedly on the street, anxiously approaching the cash register with your splurge of a new dress and discovering that it’s actually on sale (woot!), when that perfect bite of Edo’s eggplant parm hits your lips (Richmond, you get me.), the feeling of the long-awaited sun warming your cheek as you walk out your front door in the morning. Moments when we say to ourselves “this, I love.”

Love This is a brand. It is also a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle shaped by appreciation of the moments of joy and calm and beauty and color and connection. Love This is not flashy or boisterous - it doesn’t require an elaborate production in order for its essence to be seen or appreciated. The belief system behind the brand is a thoughtful and intentionally developed one, founded on the principles of social and environmental responsibility. As a consumer, this takes some of the pressure off - there is an ease to the process, knowing that each piece was made by talented, caring hands and that those hands are in turn being cared for (an attribute too often lacking in retail and industry in general). The consumer experience is one guided wholly by attraction and connection to the item, by envisioning how that item will fold seamlessly into your lifestyle, your aesthetic.

Through the Love This Lifestyle section of this blog, we hope to showcase a few of those times in our daily lives when we catch ourselves experiencing a “this, I love” moment. Just a few weeks ago, I experienced an evening that, for me, epitomized the Love This lifestyle… friends, food, wine, conversation. It’s a rather simple, organic combination, one that we all (hopefully!) take part in often. But this evening, for me, was one elongated moment of loving exactly what was happening around me. Loving the natural beauty of these people, being wholly themselves, connecting effortlessly with each other, together, in my home. What’s not to love about that??

Words By: Elizabeth Hiett / Photo Credit:

Love This Life

Happy 4th !!!

July 04, 2015


Happy 4th of July!!! (Via

Happy 4th !!!

Pop Up Shop

July 02, 2015


Happening now! #RVA #fashiontruck #fashionforgood (at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery)

Pop Up Shop

Introducing @newnormalapparel tanks to our selection! #sunnydaystyle #feelgood #fashionforgood #lovethisimpact #fashiontruck #fashionforgood #halfunited #ravenandlily #fairecollection #handinhand

Fashion for Good

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