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Love This Life. Let’s reflect for a moment on the name, Love This…. a pithy, playful combination of Love and This. Two words that pepper themselves somewhat casually throughout our daily lives. But put them together and a statement is made, a statement grounding us in the very present, the very moment, the very thing, feeling, situation, that you LOVE right then and there. Whatever it is is made for the moment - bumping into a friend unexpectedly on the street, anxiously approaching the cash register with your splurge of a new dress and discovering that it’s actually on sale (woot!), when that perfect bite of Edo’s eggplant parm hits your lips (Richmond, you get me.), the feeling of the long-awaited sun warming your cheek as you walk out your front door in the morning. Moments when we say to ourselves “this, I love.”

Love This is a brand. It is also a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle shaped by appreciation of the moments of joy and calm and beauty and color and connection. Love This is not flashy or boisterous - it doesn’t require an elaborate production in order for its essence to be seen or appreciated. The belief system behind the brand is a thoughtful and intentionally developed one, founded on the principles of social and environmental responsibility. As a consumer, this takes some of the pressure off - there is an ease to the process, knowing that each piece was made by talented, caring hands and that those hands are in turn being cared for (an attribute too often lacking in retail and industry in general). The consumer experience is one guided wholly by attraction and connection to the item, by envisioning how that item will fold seamlessly into your lifestyle, your aesthetic.

Through the Love This Lifestyle section of this blog, we hope to showcase a few of those times in our daily lives when we catch ourselves experiencing a “this, I love” moment. Just a few weeks ago, I experienced an evening that, for me, epitomized the Love This lifestyle… friends, food, wine, conversation. It’s a rather simple, organic combination, one that we all (hopefully!) take part in often. But this evening, for me, was one elongated moment of loving exactly what was happening around me. Loving the natural beauty of these people, being wholly themselves, connecting effortlessly with each other, together, in my home. What’s not to love about that??

Words By: Elizabeth Hiett / Photo Credit:

Elizabeth Hiett
Elizabeth Hiett


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