Link of Hearts: Giving Beautiful Hope To Those Who Need It

How many things in your life are you juggling? Do you ever feel that you can’t take on another thing? I greet this feeling almost everyday - entangled rapid emotions, burdening time, yearning to do more and feeling like I’ve found my way only to get lost again. I immediately felt a sense of grounding when I put on the bar of goodness necklace from Link of Hearts. 

I run around with my two little daughters all day; enjoying their silliness; amazed by their absorption of life; surprised by what they give back; and cautious of them following my lead. Worried that all this running around may damage the necklace, I put it on; I take it off; I put it on; I take it off - all day long. Still, I always know where I leave it.

Every piece of Link of Hearts jewelry provides a message of hope and gives voice to those struggling alone in silence. With every purchase, Link of Hearts gives one piece of jewelry engraved with an inspirational word such as HOPE, TRUST, LOVE, BELIEVE to someone battling depression or anyone in need of hope. The weight of my necklace evoked the words imprinted upon it’s brass bar: inspire. love. dream. embrace.

Perhaps it’s the connection that I feel with the weight of the bar against my skin. Or, it’s the words that move me beyond everything I’ve physically encountered that day and motivate me to keep moving forward. I know you’ll understand what I mean when you put this necklace on yourself.

Inspired, I reached out to Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss, founder of Link of Hearts, who is rising from the ashes of her own story, with a few questions.

Did you design your products?  

Yes, I did and still do.  The most important thing to me was to keep it simple and have inspirational words as a part of the design. I just experimented and explored materials and the designs just came to me. I am by no means a jewelry designer, I am driven by my passion for the cause and I’ve learned what I needed to make it a reality. (She makes the jewelry herself!)

You talk a lot about the LOH jewelry, what about the candles?  

Where are they made, how did you come up with the scents? Aromatherapy was a tool for me during my own journey with mental illness. The scents were created by my own sense of smell and emotion.  Every product I have launched has been personally inspired by my own life experiences. (She also makes the candles!)

Do you still feel like a Pheonix, (read her story!) or have you risen for the last time?

I’ve never been happier in my life than I am now, but it’s an ongoing process.  From one phase to another, the ups and downs always keep coming and you get burned down, but you pick yourself up and keep going. Rise, Fall, Rise, Fall, it’s the process and I have faith and trust that everything will fall into place in it’s own time.

We invite you to check out our Link of Hearts collection. Try a piece on. Connect with the cause. Be a voice. And touch a heart <3 

Words By: Rupa Singh

Rupa Singh
Rupa Singh


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