I can make my own HUMMUS!

August 05, 2018

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Hello. I am Rupa, I own Love This, a biz committed to creating positive impacts with our purchases and being more mindful about what we own. I live the values of my biz in my personal life and Sustainably Rupa is my way of merging both my worlds. What you'll see here is me finding my personal style through sustainable fashion and sharing my commitment to living a more sustainable life.

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I am vegetarian, and a staple in my food situation is HUMMUS. I love it, love it, love it, so does my family. I never ever ever even thought that I could make it at home, I was just so used to the idea that I had to get it packaged, processed, easy peasy and ready to go when I needed it.

NO! NO! NO! I have learned that convenience has made me believe that I can't making things, especially in the kitchen because I don't have time! And I believed that throwing the packaging in the recycle bin was totally acceptable because it was an item I couldn't make. NO! NO! NO!

I would have continued to buy that Sabra hummus and recycle the packaging if not for the pre-school my daughter goes to. They have a cooking program where a caregiver for each kiddo signs up to make something twice during the school year. Two years ago I signed up to make the hummus and shoot it's the best darn hummus, I pretty much make a batch every week and it takes me less than 30 min. And who knows what actually goes into the processed stuff right?? 

Here is the school's recipe with my modifications. I did start with cans at first cause, again convenience, but I was just trading the plastic trash for the aluminum one so now I only used uncooked chickpeas bought in bulk aisle. I love some garlic so adjust that to your taste. My girls love to make this with me, they fight on who gets to lick the spatula:) 


 ** If you don't have a pressure cooker, google can help you find other ways to cook your chickpeas**


Q: What is something you buy that you can try making on your own? Will you try making this hummus?

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September 24, 2018

You are cool

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