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July 08, 2018


Hello. I am Rupa, I own Love This, a biz committed to creating positive impacts with our purchases and being more mindful about what we own. I live the values of my biz in my personal life and Sustainably Rupa is my way of merging both my worlds. What you'll see here is me finding my personal style through sustainable fashion and sharing my commitment to living a more sustainable life.

Thanks for following along.

To me living a more sustainable life means thinking twice about every choice and not just being on autopilot. I challenge the ways I buy/think/act in just about every aspect of my life so that I am always caring about this planet and the people that are living on it.  I’ve got two little girls and it’s really important to me they grow up knowing that their/our choices are just that, a choice we have consciously made. We are not going to mindlessly follow what we’ve been shown/given/told as the our only choice.


As the owner of Love This, I think about where my things come from, how was it made, why was it made like this, who made it and what impact am I making with this purchase.  Most of this concern was a people concern - who is sacrificing their own livelihood so that I can have my “things”. As I’ve learned more about the way in which products are produced I’ve become extremely  protective of our planet which in return affects people. I’ve started to see everything through how much waste we generate. This combination of people and planet is a curricular one, you cannot think of one without thinking of the other.  


This really really matters to me and it’s made me hyper aware in every space I am in.  I see things through the lens of how every action impacts people and planet and I do a scan, not intentionally, but it just processes in the back of my brain in every situation. I see things differently and I actually love the freedom of knowing I have a choice. However, that freedom is hard, inconvenient, slow, time consuming and overbearing at times. But, I choose it over the exploitation of basic human rights and destruction of the environment.

So here are our choices that divert from the “norm” / “autopilot”

  1. No chemicals.
  2. Keeping as much out of the trash as possible.
  3. Rejecting plastic, especially single use plastic.
  4. Supporting locally made businesses.
  5. Not buying anything new, only buying second hand/borrowing (If that is just not possible, then purchase from a ethical/sustainable brand).
  6. Not donating where I don’t know where my things will go, but rather finding an actual person/organization that wants it.
  7. Reducing our recycling.
  8. Refusing the idea that we need more stuff.
  9. I am sure I've missed something......
  10. I am sure to add more things....




    I don’t do well with baby steps when it comes to things I really really believe in... so I pretty much just jump all in.  I take two steps forward, one back, two more forward, one back ---> until those two first steps stick and then I repeat. 

    Q: Do you jump in or take it step by step?

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