Brand Ambassador - Elizabeth

Elizabeth was born and raised in Richmond and finds it increasingly difficult to come up with a reason to leave. She spends her days as an international administration professional, working with groups of students and scholars from around the world. She values the concept of a global community, and believes strongly in the importance of understanding realities outside of your own life experience. When she's not perusing the Love This Airstream at an RVA brewery, you can find Elizabeth at home cooking or re-arranging furniture (again), at a barre class, or out on a trail somewhere.


What are the best characteristics of Love This in your opinion?
I think the word "conscious" is crucial in the description of Love This. Love This has a strong code of ethics and principles, not plucked from politically correct air just because they sound good, but because they ARE good. Rupa has worked so hard to thoughtfully curate a collection of beautiful things from ethical companies. She knows the story behind everything. She knows the people behind everything. And she knows the impact that conscious consumerism can have on individuals, communities, and the world.
What does it mean to you to be an Ambassador for Love This?
Love This is a brand that is SO easy to stand behind. Beautiful, unique pieces from all over the world, made by hands that are actually cared for - a rarity in the fashion industry. My goal as a brand ambassador is to spread the word - just let people know that this really awesome business is trucking around Richmond in a sleek vintage Airstream and setting up shop at a festival or brewery near you. Even if you're not in the market for anything new, it's still a great opportunity to stop in and talk to Rupa and hear about the intention behind Love This, and the gaps in the local industry that it is hoping to fill.
What are your favorite Love This pieces and why?
I'm a sucker for necklaces. The Half United Hunger necklace (the "bullet" necklace) is a fave, and certainly a conversation starter. But the one I haven't taken off of my neck in months is the Link of hearts necklace. The aesthetic is simple, clean, and pretty - goes with everything. Look a little closer and the messages are powerful and relevant, especially knowing the intention behind them.
How did you find your reason to be more mindful of your purchases?
As I get older, I've latched harder onto the concept of being really intentional about the things (and people) with which I choose to surround myself. When I am tempted to buy something, I ask myself if I NEED it. And if I do need it (and sometimes you NEED a new bracelet!), does it reflect a quality and aesthetic that I want to invest in? And if so... can I afford it? Sometimes it doesn't all add up. But when it does.... it just gives the piece that much more significance. Nothing feels better than making good decisions for yourself. And yes, that includes some "treat yo'self!" moments as well.
Do you have any tips for people who are thinking about transitioning into being a more conscious consumer?
Buy things you either 1) need or 2) love. Like, adore. I've been a not-so-conscious-consumer before, and it really zaps the joy from shopping. There's the fleeting "high" that wears off the second the thing is folded up and shoved into your dresser. Shopping should be about intentionally bringing really special pieces into your life. If you need the "buzz," fill up that Anthro cart online and then just leave it be. I promise you'll forget about it as soon as you close the browser. If you REALLY want something, do research. Hone in on what it is you're looking for. Save up for it if necessary. Make sure you get what you want - don't settle! When that super special piece that you put so much thought into makes its way home with you, you'll get that buzz every time you see/wear it.