Brand Ambassador - Mara

Mara is a musician in the Richmond area, and enjoys sharing her passion for music through education and collaboration. Her commitment to conscious consumerism began with the fashion and style of Love This, and has spread to other areas of her life.


What are the best characteristics of Love This in your opinion?
The most valuable thing about Love This is knowing that all of the products are high-quality, ethically-made items. When I purchase something through Love This, I may not always remember the specific story behind a particular product, but I appreciate knowing that there is a story and a family behind each one. And if I ever want to go back and find the origin of a piece of jewelry, I can do so.

What does it mean to you to be an Ambassador for Love This?
Being an ambassador means sharing the Love! My hope is that through my role as brand ambassador, I can bring greater awareness to the role of the consumer in a textile economy - either sustainable or harmful - and inspire those in my community to make thoughtful choices and purchases.

What are your favorite Love This pieces and why?
My favorite Love This product is hard to choose, but I'll go with my most often used - a Sseko leather handbag. It's stylish and soft, but more importantly durable and a perfect size for me.

How did you find your reason to be more mindful of your purchases?
I've definitely had bouts of retail therapy in my past, leading me to acquire a lot of excessive clothing. Over the years, Love This has done a lot to inform me and increase my awareness of the textile economy, and I've both reduced my wardrobe and eliminated excess purchases. Events like the 2013 Savar factory collapse only reinforced my desire to better understand my place in this particular economy and support quality, people-oriented business.

Do you have any tips for people who are thinking about transitioning into being a more conscious consumer?
It's taken some time, but I now really try to embrace a buy once approach to my purchases as much as possible. Sometimes it means holding off to buy something expensive, but I really value a product I know will last for a long time. I also don't mind buying gently or hardly used items at quality second-hand places around town.