FashionABLE's business model is not creating goods in a strong economic country, selling those goods in the West, and then giving charity to developing countries. This still leaves the developing country out of the opportunity for economic growth, and keeps them in a cycle of dependency. They believe in doing the manufacturing in the communities we wish to impact, creating jobs along the way. Although it often creates a unique set of challenges, trade with developing countries is an empowerment model that they are committed to.

Purchasing a fashionABLE  leather product creates sustainable business in Africa. We are committed to long-term solutions to fighting poverty, and our main focus is creating opportunities for vulnerable women. That means that your purchase creates jobs, so that the women are not dependent upon charity, but instead are a vital part of a developing economy.

FashionABLE is to invest in women.  We are encouraged in our labors by seeing the reality of what happens to a woman, and the community around her, when she is empowered. Women have been proven to be the backbone of restoring communities and even battling poverty - this is a social scientific fact. So with your help, we work to give opportunity to women where there is often little, and then they effect change.

B Corporation status as of 2016

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