One Little World

one little world

One Little World is headquarted in Richmond and stands for handmade, fair-trade, earth-kind products from around our world.

One Little World artisans are located all over the world in Ecuador, Nepal, Kenya and Uganda. They work closely with each artisan, visiting them regularly to collaborate on product designs, and just to visit. One Little Worlds are paid fairly and upfront for their work and they love and value not only each of them, their families and communities, but the unique and beautiful culture that they each represent.

Love This carries One Litte World flet critters made by the Kenyan Mamas in Nairobi, Kenya. (CAN BE FOUND ONLY OUR MOBILE SHOP)

The Matumaini Children’s Home is a small co-op of 26 mamas located in Nairobi, Kenya. Mamas meet often to clean and dye wool; hand carding the wool to prepare it for the felting process, all to create the unique and adorable African critters you see. Matumaini offers so much more than just a safe working environment for women. Childcare is offered at no expense so that mamas can have their babies close while they work, and when needed, all medical expenses for the both the mamas and their children are covered too! While the majority of women in Kenya live on less than $1 a day, the mamas of Matumaini make at least double that and are paid promptly at the end of every month!  The mamas are proud of the work they do, and even more proud that the precious African critters that they create with so much love, reach the hands of customers around the world!