Zestt's goal is to design and develop products that are ethically manufactured and sourced. They strive for a transparent supply chain and get to know the farmers and craftspeople behind each product. They want you to know that when a beautiful zestt goes home with you, its impact has been positive on those who have helped create it.

The cornerstones of the zestt brand are friendship, beauty and ethics. Childhood friends Benita Goldblatt and Jess Diehl launched the home + lifestyle brand in 2013 with easy to coordinate textiles and tabletop. As the company and  product selection have grown, they are committed to social responsibility as a key component of their growth, from sourcing cotton at organic farms to artisan partnerships.

At Zestt, the textiles are crafted with all-natural organic cotton fibers. They source from only certified organic farms and each strand is certified as non GMO and grown without the use of toxic pesticides - a feat that is currently achieved by less than 1% of cotton grown worldwide.

They then take our standards a step further to ensure minimal processing through the production process. Each soft goods item is crafted without chlorine, formaldehyde or other toxic substances, so there is no off-gassing required when you take home the products. Any textile mill in their supply chain must also enforce the highest level of social and environmental standards.They are also GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) certified!

This commitment also extends beyond their textiles. We are continually working to source goods that utilize recycled materials, are produced locally and ensuring that their packaging is made with FSC certified paper. Their goal is to inspire a sustainable home through goods that make your life more beautiful and the world a better place.

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